Play Online Poker with Titan Poker

Seting up the iPoker Client (e.g. Titan)

For the application to work correctly you will need the client setup to match the screen capture below.

The yellow boxes show key points.

  • Make Sure you have the three window option checked so you can see the tournament information in the 3rd window.

  • If you are running Windows 7 or Vista, you may need to turn off UAC so the opener can access the iPoker application.

  • Check the filters are set for the type of table you are scanning.

  • If you are Opening SNG's then un-check 'Hide Full' in the lobby and make sure you select 'In Progress' in the filter options

  • If want to Register in to SNG's make sure you check 'Registering' in the filter options
  • screen shot

    Seting up the Table Opener (V3.9 + )

    The screen capture below shows V3.9, again the yellow boxes indicate key points for this version.

  • Delete is used for adding/removind game types to/from the 'scan list'. You can Save/Load the configurations here also.

  • The list will be used by the app to find any of the tables, it opens the first one it can find in the list.

  • Auto SNG Tab Select is used to open the SNG tab in the client software, sometimes there are problems here with coniguration and scanning the wrong game type. So this can be disabled if required.

  • screen shot

    NEW: InfoWindow Tab.

    Because all info windows are different, this new feasture allows you to capture each individual info window as a bitmap, so the software can identify exactly which windows you want to close automaticaly

    There are two ways of capturing the image of the info window.

  • Single Capture: Click this when the info window is open to create an identical image
  • Auto Capture: This will run in the background and record all the info windows, the frequency of checking can be defined so you dont capture multiple images, try to set this to around the time the info is displayed when you are finished collecting click STOP Auto.
  • After both techniques the image/s will pop-up and then in the new window,click the point where you want the application to auto-click in future, then you can save the image with a relevant name.

    The list of loaded windows to click, will appear on the next RUN.


    screen shot

    An Alternative is to use the old technique of closing windows based on size of the window and the location of the click defined in the InfoWindows.txt file:

    E.g. the line: 402,265,190,230,confirmation screen.

    Will look for a IPoker window with the dimensions 402x265 and click at location 190,230. The name is for your reference only and is not used in code.

    The problem with this older technique is that it will close identicaly sized windows, possibly when they are required to be left open.

    The infoWindows.txt file can be found in the base installation directory, e.g. C:\Program Files\PkrTools\IPoker_SNG_Table_Opener.